Art of Ringcraft – Professional Artists

Dennis Solinger


Dutch designer, illustrator, artist and creator.

     It all began at the kitchen table when Dennis was six years old.  He would just draw things in front of him. From there he started making cartoons and illustrations.
     His first break was a weekly publication of a cartoon in the local newspaper in his hometown of Vlaardingen, a little city next to Rotterdam. He also did freelance work.
     Busy with life, Dennis took a long hiatus from art.  One day he found a site designing logos for commission.  This was what he needed to rekindle his passion for art.  Driven by his love for art, he now draws non-stop.
“My passion is to create, explore and discover. There is always something new and there are so many ideas. Combine art, design and creative skills to produce original visual images for multiple platforms. I am an all-around artist with various skills and many years of experience.
I am very thankful for the opportunity Art of Ringcraft has given me to design for them. Greetings from the Netherlands!”